So, I am a "support-based missionary"', which means I literally can't do anything without the *monthly financial (and one-time gifts) support from you and faith and reliance on God. The truly awesome part is that it allows those of you who are called wherever you are, to be a part of international missions and it really is beautiful to see the body of Christ being used in different ways with all of our different strengths and gifts, all for the glory of God.

That being said, it really is the most humbling thing(and let's just be honest, at times it just sucks) I have ever done, allowing you all to be the ones to support me and what Christ is calling me to do. I love that some of my supporters are people I am close to and we get to share in each other's lives, and others, it has been a way for me to get to know them better. It is also exciting because I know that this is where some of your hearts is, and you are truly making a lasting, eternal impact in this world. 

Another part of support may sound cliche and you may be thinking that I just have to throw it in but it's not really as important to me. But this is not true...Prayer is of the utmost importance to us as believers and without it, anything we are attempting to do is of ourselves and not from Him. The Bible is clear that we should be praying at all times, without ceasing, with faith, and confidence of it's power(I Thess.5:17,Eph.6:18,James 1:6,I Jn.5:14-15). I need your prayers!! 

*If you have questions about how much I'm raising and what it is going towards, I would be happy to show you, just email me!

If you go to http://aplaceofhopeafrica.org/?page_id=33 

you will have the option to donate online, monthly or as a

 one time gift, and there is also the address if you are writing

 a check.

Just be sure to put "Brittni Poore" in the comment box.



("thank you" in the Igbo language)