Sunday, August 29, 2010

i can't believe it's been a month since ive written! between the incident that happened here(which im still in the process of writing about) and all of the problems we have been having with our internet, i can honestly say it's not all my fault!
things have still been busy, but very different, with joey traveling back to the U.S. about 3 weeks ago for medical treatment and now with the rest of the Starling family gone to be with him. so im officially the only "onyeocha" around now, which is sort of an odd feeling.
im so happy to be here with the kids though. a lot of people were worried for my safety with everything that happened and wandering why i wasn't coming home, but im totally at peace with being here with the kids for the time being, although i think my trip will be cut short. i was intending to stay until dec but most likely will be returning in october instead. this makes me very sad but there are a lot of reasons behind it and will probably be for the best. but im still just trusting for God's direction in that decision.
im so thankful for everyone's prayers and encouragement with everything that has been going was definitely felt!
preparing okpa

in a lot of ways i am not near as busy as before because there is no need for me to cook anymore(when the starlings were here we cooked for ourselves and 4 of the guys but now everyone is eating african food that victoria cooks) and i won't be doing medical visits since bev isn't here. so im trying to spend a lot of time with the kids...working on reading, alphabet, memory verses, sleepovers with the girls, attempting to learn how to prepare their foods, taking care of their medical needs and giving out of meds, preparing them for school which is starting soon, hospital visits, and just loving on them.
the girls wearing ALL of my jewelry=)
learning/game time!
this week we had the fun experience of running out of water. the rain hasn't been coming like it should and the tank that fills up our well with water hasn't been able to come. so we have had no running water and the water that we haul up from the well is so down to the bottom, that it is too dirty to bath with or do dishes. it definitely teaches you to save and do without!
we also haven't had electricity since the Starlings left(not that it was consistent by any means but at least we might have it a little bit on some days to charge things) and i heard today that the power company that provides it is on strike...that's fabulous...that is africa for you.

i will get to experience a first on wednesday. the grandfather of a friend from church died several weeks ago and they will be having the burial. i have been asked to come to her house at 7 am to help prepare the food(ha!) and just to see what they do to prepare for everything.the actual burial doesn't even start till 2 that day(african time) so it will be a long and interesting day! i wonder if i will offend anyone if i take my camera?

tonight i got a visit from a friend who is a professor at the university in nsukka. he brought sweets for the children and ice cream and chocolate for first since i have been here! he is wanting to take me on a tour of the university and some things in nsukka sometime this week so that should also be fun.

well, that's about all of the news i can think of right now.
it's a cool night tonight, raining off and on, so i think i will go and try to sleep.
love britt

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