Monday, April 5, 2010

precious new faces

   Here's the latest photo of 21 of the 22 children we care for in Nigeria at the orphanage home.

   There are now 22 kids at A Place of Hope! It has more than doubled in the number of kids since I've left. Most of the new children are from an area in the north where there has been several bouts of violent and deadly ethnic, religious, and political clashes recently and over the last several years. Also, twin newborn baby boys have joined the family!!

There are 2 boys that have never been to school(they were made to work) and do not speak any English or the area's language(Igbo), so please pray that they would quickly learn the language, as they have limited ways of communication, which I'm sure is extremely frustrating! The next to last picture is of most of the kids sitting on the newly poured foundation of our future house(it's very crowded right now). It is in a nearby village, further into the "bush". Pray that there will be enough funds to get more done on it before the rainy season begins!

I am so thankful that these kids are now at a place where they will have a home to call their own, full tummies, medical attention and, most importantly, love and a chance to learn of their Savior and heavenly Father who will never leave them or forsake them!!
I am anxiously and impatiently waiting for the day I will meet these new faces!

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  1. Love it Brittni! Glad you are getting the opportunity to go back!