Sunday, June 20, 2010

in pictures

 Wonderful news, we bought the bus a couple days ago with the money given anonymously. This is a huge answer to everyone's prayers, especially the kids, who have been praying faithfully every night for it.
Today we got to use it for the first time and were able to fit 30 people(everyone but 3) in it for church! It's a beautiful thing as before, we were using 3 motorcycles to transport everyone! I will post pics soon.
Everything is going well...we have started an after school program for the kids involving bible stories, crafts, games, and tutoring as well as a Bible club on Saturday for our kids plus any that want to come from the village. Health wise, everyone is doing surprisingly well apart from pink eye going around, ear infections, and some kind of rash i have spreading on my face, lips, and in my mouth. All is well, enjoy these few pictures!
                                                                       Baby Dashuma
                                                              Swardat, Darjan, Nathaniel
Ugo and Simdat
Baby Joy


  1. That can't be our little Joy =') she's growing!!! Yet still so squeezable!
    And Ugo looks all macho...hehe
    And Dashuma is so sweet! Love her already!!!!

  2. By the way beautiful friend....whatever doubts you face....remember what thoughts are from God and what aren't! You are pouring out your life and putting yourself In a place of hardship where Christ is your strength and light...and the enemy of our souls WILL fight. So cling to Jesus and truth because THIS IS AN ETERNAL WORK THAT will survive the fire and forever glory Christ!!!!!!!
    I'm so crazy proud of you!