Thursday, July 8, 2010

things are getting pretty busy here right now so im going to give you a short run-down of what life is like right now...
we have started our weekly medical visits to a village not too far from ours. it is a very large village more in the bush and there are so many illnesses, diseases, and needs there. The people there are more poor and as we were trying to put our finger on why this village seemed so much more backwards than even the others, we realized that these people have not embraced Christianity like some of the other villages(as warped as it may be). And Emmanuel made a comment that with Christianity, seems to come a bit more civility. Interesting thought.
We are trying to be as organized as possible, so we will hand out numbers, up to 20(even though we always see more than that), to the patients, take their vitals and a medical history. Then we take the info home and try to find the best diagnosis and if possible get the medicine to treat them which we take to them a couple days later. We are trying to find ways to introduce Christ to these people through this.

another huge project we are planning is a first-ever VBS which will be held at our church. this morning we loaded up in the van and went to about 7 primary schools to hand out flyers to the children. we have no idea what kind of turn out we will have but it is a very exciting way to share the gospel with the kids and their families. we are making posters, planning lessons, crafts, games, and music. there has never been anything done like it before around here so we are hoping to make it an annual thing. please pray for us and the kid's hearts as we try to pull this off! it will be next thurs-sun.

tomorrow we have been invited to the house of the former chancellor of the University of Nsukka. his wife is the one who was involved in the prison ministry so im very excited to get more info and pick her brain! then on saturday we are planning on going to a village very far away and in the bush. i am so excited about this because i've been wanting to go since last year but never got the chance. the roads are very bad all the way there but we are sure that there are huge physical and spiritual needs there.

ben and andrea, who have been here for a month will be going back to the us on sunday and on the same day, joey will be picking up 3 adults from the us who will be here for a couple weeks. they will be helping out with vbs. bev and joey's other kids, anna and jordon, are also here for a couple weeks so it's a full house!

please pray that i start feeling better soon. i haven't felt good for a week and today really brought me down. i've been taking treatment for typhoid but after today we are pretty sure i have malaria, but a different strand than last time(not as bad) so im starting the treatment tonight. im praying i will be alright to travel to Enugu tomorrow but that might be stretching it. 

well, i think i've exhausted my energy for tonight, im going to try to eat something. i would love to give you more details on the kids but that will have to wait till next time.

God is definitely working here, though satan is too and i feel like i've been in constant warfare since i've been here. im praying that He will have glory and victory in every area of my life. please pray with me!
love you all!


  1. Praying for you Brittany! Hope you get feeling better! God is definitely using you!

  2. Praying for you, Brittany! Hope you get feeling better! God is definitely using you!

  3. sorry for the double, now triple comment! i'm not smart at these kinds of things, and it didn't show it posted, so i posted it again! :)

  4. Love you so much. Text me, I lost your number.

  5. Love you! Thanks for the update - praying!!!