Monday, April 4, 2011

according to Ryan, on, The Office, blogs are out..

..but I would just like to say that blogs are underrated...
im not saying this out of pride or so that you will be inclined to read mine, but because of how encouraged i am every day after reading the blogs that i keep up with. i look so forward to the updates of the many that i follow and getting a glimpse of the life and ministry of some unsung heroes out there...

it reminds me that what i want to do and where my heart is, isn't crazy.

it makes my heart full at the thought of there being so many people out there, scattered across the world, who are following not just their dreams, but the hard reality of what God wants them to do.

it keeps me motivated, because let's face it, it can be a daily, even hourly,  struggle to keep my focus on eternal things, and not myself.

it keeps reality in check. yes, my reality/life may be pretty easy (even though, the way i can complain, you might not know it), i mean, i live in america. i have endless options.. food,tv,jobs,clothes,things,freedom,stability...but this is not the reality of the majority of the world and i would be doing a great injustice to the gospel to forget this.

so, if you want to be challenged, encouraged, and people to pray for or donate to, you should check these out. but most importantly, if you want a reason, a Christ-like example, and motivation to get off the couch and do something, then you should DEFINITELY read these! an amazing woman of God who followed His leading in uganda, and is now a 22 year old mother to 14 girls..she is truly beautiful inside and out and radiates with the joy and love of Christ! i found this one through reading the one above. another young woman who has started a malnutrition rehabilitation center in uganda, does a feeding program, and is teaching and demonstrating the love of Christ. i actually got to meet Renee last year when she flew out here to meet me when we were both praying about me joining shc. she is the real deal. amazing family who advocate adoption and just share the joys, convictions and reality of having a big, blended, Christ-seeking family. their story and what they are doing in the US and abroad is so powerful. the same as what i wrote for above..the wives that write the blogs are actually best friends. they have also started a business that not only advocates adoption, but sends the profits to support ministries going on all over the world! is a  family i know that have a ministry in guaetemala. i love reading about the every day things that happen and also seeing God work amazingly through their work and their hardships. plus they have some adorable twin boys! beautiful young lady, serving as a nurse in Haiti. this is a family that I love and have known for a long time, who have recently started the very hard ministry of foster care here in the US. She is very open and honest about the things it involves and the affect it has on their whole family. this is a beautiful and dear friend who is also serving in haiti right now.

those are just a few to get you started..enjoy!

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