Thursday, July 19, 2012

"And in the transition from one season to the next, maybe the best you can hope for is a determination to be fully present in the process. Wrapping both arms somehow around the goodness and the mess of the past, as well as the goodness and mess that will be in the future."
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Hello! I hope you are enjoying this nice cool summer weather;) I thought I would just give a short update:
In these past few weeks I have...

-had very encouraging responses from all of you about moving back to Nigeria for full time ministry:)
-had some awesome conversations and opportunities to sit down and talk with some of you about what I'll     
 be doing, how you can get involved and catching up on your lives...I love it!
-been listening to this amazing acoustic worship album on repeat. 
-been dependent on the car of some awesome friends(the Zubers), as mine has been in the shop for over a month now. I'm thankful though that the mechanic did a thorough job and it will cost less than anticipated.
-sold and/or given away all of my furniture and many other things in anticipation for the big move.
-moved out of my apartment and into my new home for the next ? months with some friends(family of 4) that have SO graciously let me be a part of the family.
this is my happy place in my new room..books,coffee,and pictures:)            
-been challenged by God on my prayer life & being a more loving and patient person...something that can only be accomplished through Christ and being in constant communication with Him! 
-been able to talk to some of the kids on the phone at APOHA...thrills my heart!!
-been raising prayer and support partners and love seeing the ways that God uses the body of Christ to sharpen each other and use each other's strengths for HIS glory!
-been in lots of prayer for some of the kids and medical issues that have been going on. 
There are 2 new babies who have arrived recently(one was hours old, the other is 1), both with serious issues, one of the girls had an appendectomy and other random things..please keep them all in prayer with me!
newborn baby Grace
-been getting in on my families weekly Sunday night homemade pizzas:)
-started to get involved in my church's youth group. I'm really excited!
-been really praying and hoping that I will be financially able to take this amazing medical missions course.
-had the opportunity to talk to some of the kids in my Sunday school class about what I'll be doing in Nigeria 
 and they volunteered to go through their things and give them away to the kids at APOHA. I told them I'll     
 have very limited space in my suitcase but maybe we can all save some money to ship them:)They are so 
-still been laughing at this hilarious video thanks to my friend, Paul
-really loved time with my wonderful small group and also a Bible study with a group of close friends. I'm so 
 thankful for fellowship!

...what have YOU been up to?

*I still don't have my Paypal account set up so thank you for your patience and I will let you know when I do. 

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