Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October! I absolutely love the fall, but I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. It has also been a little while since an update so here is a little of what I have been up to and where I am with support raising and estimated time of departure...

I did a lot of traveling in the month of September:
Me and a friend drove to Lawrence to see a good friend, help her unpack, and have
an awesome time of encouraging each other.
I got to be a leader on my church's first ever youth trip! We took the kids to a huge junior high conference 
at Ozark Christian College. The kids got to hear speakers talk about relevant issues, have awesome praise and 
worship, learn how to deepen their walk with Christ, and have some crazy play/game time. 
It was a blast getting to know the kids and leaders better and seeing some of the kids really 
consider going to a Christian college after they graduate and get excited about making Godly changes.
         I had the privilege of being in the wedding of some good friends from Bible school. 
       I was with them in Iowa for 4 days and it was such a good time of seeing old friends and 
          meeting new friends as well as helping out. So excited for them as they start their life 
             together after 4+ years of having a long distance relationship(she's from France). 

Also, this happened about 2 hours into my trip to Iowa. I was going 80mph
at the time, when I saw part of the tire fly through the air in my rear view mirror.
It was so. scary. I'm praising God that nothing worse happened and I was back 
on the road a couple hours later with a new tire. Thankfully nothing as 
exciting happened on the way back home!

I can't tell you all of the ways that God has been taking care of me through friends and strangers alike these last few months. Between cheap rent, a free vehicle to use this whole time, and generous giving...I am so not worthy and am so humbled and grateful for all of your support and prayers. 
I have been so challenged by those who are so quick to do what God lays on their hearts and I hope that the same can be said of me. 

 I can tell you that the longer I'm here and am getting more involved in things and getting to know people better, the more difficult it is thinking about leaving, BUT at the same time I am so anxious to be back there and dive into the ministries in Nigeria. I'm glad that my heart can be in more than one place. 

I am currently at 52% of my monthly goal, 71% if I include one-time gifts. I am so grateful! I am so close to my goal and it is only possible because of you and I do not take that for granted. 
Thank you for your part in making an eternal difference! 

So, estimated time of departure? I had originally wanted to be back by the end of this year, but, everything makes more sense to go back in Feb. The Starlings(founders/directors of APOH) will be in the states participating in a missions conference and it makes more sense to return when they do and that will give me more time to raise support. Plus, I can't say I won't be glad to be able to work with the youth group and build more relationships with my church family until then as well as spend the holidays with my family. So, February is going to be perfect! I'm talking to my travel agent right now so hopefully I will be purchasing a ticket soon!

:Prayer, please:
  • Relationship building with the kids in the youth group and in my church as a whole
  • That I could find a vehicle to use from Dec-Feb
  • I'm going to be starting the visa process soon so prayers that it will be approved with no problems
  • That my walk with Christ will continue to grow and that my trust in Him won't waver
  • That I would be able to raise the rest of my support and raise up some prayer warriors
Please email or message me how I can be praying for you and if I can do anything to help you! I want to be a blessing to you too!

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  1. You're doing an awesome job, Brittni! Thanks for the update.