Wednesday, February 27, 2013

killing chickens, driving motorcycles, & a trip to the east coast..

Since having all of this time of "limbo" with not knowing when I'll be able to go back to Nigeria, I've had some time to think..well a lot of time to think, and I thought it would be fun to make some goals for myself (not completely related to ministry), some fun some not so much, for when I'm back. And I'm purposefully taking the risk that one of you will ask me about them by posting on here. So here goes...

My goal is to:

-kill, pluck, and dismember a chicken. I just feel like I'm not a real missionary/expatriate living in a third world country until this happens. Mind over matter, mind over matter...
EVERY part is used
-be able to cook perfect rice. This shouldn't be that hard. But I suck at it! I can't live in West Africa and not be able to cook rice!
Jollof rice is a very popular spicy dish
-learn how to drive a motorcycle. Not gonna lie, this one totally scares me but it needs to happen! And that doesn't mean I'm intending to drive in the ridiculously horrible African traffic, but if I have to in order to save someone's life or something, I'll know how.
See why I'm hesitant? Safety isn't a huge concern. 
-find someone to help me (more formally) learn Igbo (the language of the area I'll be living in). It sounds easier said than done. I need to find someone who is willing, has the time and patience, is consistent, and can help me learn in the way I need to learn.
-not be intimidated to speak the local language, even when I know I'll get it wrong. One thing I never anticipated was how humiliated and intimidated I would be to use their language. The nationals don't make me feel like that, in fact they are really encouraging and pleased when you try to speak their language, even when you do mess up. I really have no idea why..I guess I'm more self conscious than I thought. Boo.
Igbo is a tonal language with over 20 dialects
-learn the most effective way of washing clothes by hand, getting them clean, without rubbing my hands raw. If you have any useful tips, please let me know.
talk about a workout! 
I'm sure I will add to this list in the near future. Wish me luck! :)

Center for Intercultural Training     
Through a great opportunity and some fast work, I'm heading to the tiny town of Union Mills, North Carolina  this Saturday. I'll be taking a 2 week long, Second Language Acquisition course. 
Here is the course description:

"This course introduces a wide variety of skills for successful language learning. Participants will learn principles of effective language learning, practice language learning activities, and train the ears to hear and the mouth to reproduce sounds in other languages. They will learn to become pro-active in language learning and acquire resources to help master language learning. Participants will practice language learning methods with native speakers and receive planning guidelines on how best to approach language learning when on the field."

I'm really excited that all the details for this came together so quickly and I'll be able to use some of my extra time here to gain some skills and resources and meet some people that will be serving in places all around the world. And as an added bonus, I found out after registering that a former teacher from Bible school is teaching the Phonetics course as a guest teacher! It will be cool to see her and know someone there. 

I'd appreciate you keeping me in your prayers during my time away. Pray that I would get as much as possible out of the course and that it would be a refreshing and encouraging time away. 

Thank you for your part in my ministry and for letting me be a part of your life!


  1. It will be great to see you too, Brittni! And I'll try to help you sort out some of those crazy sounds. :)