Saturday, February 16, 2013

When is she leaving already!?

I'm laughing at my last post from 2 months ago with the title: "Visa Progress!"


Since I'm moving to Africa and have already spent 8 months there, I should expect this kind of...time frame. For lack of a better term. "Hurry up and wait" would accurately describe my last 4 months. *Sigh*

If you read my last email update or talked to me a few weeks ago, you probably know that I was really struggling with what to do about my visa situation. At that time we weren't hearing any encouraging news that  the requirements for my visa were even being worked on at all or would be in the near future or at all. So in my fervent prayer on the issue I decided that I would wait one more week to see if we heard that they were working on my resident visa and if not, I would apply for a tourist visa (not ideal at all but would allow me to be there soon) and in 6-8 months I would be able to apply for a resident visa through APOH.
Such a headache over this little piece of paper!
 During the week's time I prayed that God would make it clear one way or another. Some of you prayed with me and I am so thankful to you. I got my answer just a few days later when we got an email from the president of the organization in charge of my visa stuff saying that he had instructed someone to start working on it right away (never mind the fact that we started this process in November! moving on..). So God answered my prayer: Wait here for your resident visa. Be patient and trust that this isn't a surprise to me and you'll still get there. Make the most of this time!

So, what's a person to do when they already quit their job in anticipation of leaving when they were supposed to?
It's hard to make out but my sweet co-workers did this on a huge window
at the coffee shop with the shape of Africa. They're the best!
Well first off, since I went through a travel agency there is no extra expense for me to change my travel dates. HUGE relief! ( in case you're interested. I've gone through them many times and they are wonderful.)

At the end of January I spent 4 days in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area where I got to see many good friends. One friend even drove up from Austin to meet me there. I stayed with the Starlings where I got to catch up with a few people who share a love for APOH and it was such a fun time of reminiscing, sharing dreams, concerns, ideas, and encouragement. I attempted to help with organizing and packing the many many donations from sweet people in the states to take back to Nigeria.
How do I choose which books to take in my 150 lbs?
The rest of the time I've been intermittently packing, organizing, buying supplies, moving stuff to storage, reading, and  my favorite part, getting to spend quality time with so many friends that I definitely wouldn't have had the time for if I had left on my original date.

God's also been using this time to challenge me in many areas and encourage me in so many ways and through many people. He's used this time to show me that He's taking care of me through a couple difficult things and to increase my financial support. So all in all, although it's hard not to be there already, I can already see how God is using this limbo time for good. And so I wouldn't change it if I could. 

Thank you everyone for your prayers, encouragement, giving, and concerns. It's so felt and appreciated. I'm reminded that we are all a team. A team with the same goal: that the world will know Christ and that He will be glorified. No matter what part we have in that, God is getting the glory and I am just so in awe that He even chooses to use us at all!

*Since I will be here until the visa comes in (3 weeks minimum), I still have time to see you! Let me know if you would like to have dinner, get a coffee, have me babysit, whatever! :)

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