Thursday, August 9, 2012


A quick update-

-You may have seen me post it on facebook, but little Chibueze (Kingston) passed away on the 4th. Thank you so much to everyone that was praying for him and the staff. From how I heard it he died peacefully in the early morning. As I said on fb, I'm so thankful that he was with people who cared for, loved, and comforted him to the end. And even though this wasn't the outcome that we at all wanted, God is good. Please keep the rest of the children and staff in your prayers, especially while they're all dealing with the loss.

-So the last 2 months I have been either borrowing other people's cars or hitching rides to work. It has not been pleasant. Partly because I don't have freedom but more than anything I just HATE inconveniencing people! I actually got my car from the shop about 3 weeks ago and the very next day it wouldn't go into gear and I had to get it towed back again. I was so so frustrated thinking of the money I just poured into it and having to do it again. Well, God answered my prayers and concerns recently. The family I am living with has been insanely generous and now they are letting me use their vehicle, free of charge, until I leave! I can sell my car without putting anything else into it and I will actually be paying less for car insurance! God totally knew how He was going to take care of me and I'm so thankful (and humbled) that I've had to depend on Him and others.

-This Sunday I was invited to my parents house church to share about APOH, Nigeria, and cook some legit Nigerian food! I'm definitely nervous about the food part but it's going to be a blast! I'm going to have to get pictures of everyone eating(instead of utensils, you use "fufu" to scoop and eat the soup) and post them on here:) I'm also super excited that my sis and bro in law will be in town this Fri-Tue!

-For those of you who want to be a part of my support financially, the online way of giving is up and running now! Just click on the "support" tab above, and it will tell you where to go.

I hope you all are having a fantastic end to your summer before school starts back up(for those of you that it affects)! I for one cannot wait for fall! Even though I'm sure it will be awhile till it feels like it:( 
Have a wonderful weekend!

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